Raging Angels: The Complete Collection


The complete Raging Angels MC series in one collection! Signed by the author!

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The complete Raging Angels MC series in one collection! Includes:

Curvy Temptation
She’s a single mom on the run. He’s the President of an MC. He offers his protection, but will it lead to something more?

Curvy Hunger
He’s the enforcer of the MC. She’s dedicated her life to healing. When she returns to her hometown, will their differences keep them apart?

Curvy Attraction
She’s a captured enemy. He’s on “babysitting” duty. But will he change his loyalty when he finds out there’s more to her story?

Curvy Desire
She’s a rich girl who needs protection. He’s the biker hired to protect her. Will these opposites succumb to the desire between them?

Curvy Infatuation
She’s a curious student. He’s the strong silent type. Will their infatuation turn into something more?

Curvy Passion
She’s a runaway bride. He’s her rescuer. Is their coming together coincidence, or fated passion?

Curvy Seduction
She’s anti-MC. He’s her best friend… and a member of the Raging Angels. Will these friends become lovers or will his secrets keep them apart?

Curvy Persuasion
He’s the VP of the Raging Angels. She’s his brother’s little sister. When they get stuck together, will they be able to resist the heat between them?

The men of the Raging Angels MC are possessive, protective, and know what they like—curvy women. One by one, they’ll learn what it’s like to fall into obsession—and love—with their women.