Possessing Her Curves: Books 5-8


Four steamy, short romance stories in one collection! Signed by the authors! (limited quantities) 

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Four steamy, short romance stories in one collection!

Furious in Love
He’s been betrayed before. She’s their top dancer. Will these two lovers be able to see through their differences to the truth in their hearts?

Wicked in Love
He gets shot. She saves his life. But can their love survive his wicked lifestyle?

Merciless in Love
He’s winning at life. She’s just off the streets. When they meet again, will they get a second chance?

Corrupt in Love
She’s falling for him. But he’s the enemy. Will their love start a war… or end it?

Four brothers who triumphed against all odds, no matter the cost. Now they’ve made it. One by one, they’ll become obsessed with possessing her curves.


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