Possessing Her Curves: Books 1-8


In “Possessing Her Curves,” passion rules the game as the powerful men of Maximum Inc and the notorious Knight brothers find themselves ensnared by love in unexpected places. This sizzling series follows four friends turned CEOs and four rival brothers, each story entangling danger with desire, where protecting their women becomes as vital as breathing.

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Discover the “Possessing Her Curves” series, where powerful men and the women they desire play a dangerous game of love, power, and possession. Each story in this sizzling series unveils a story of raw passion and fierce devotion.

Vicious in Love: Massimo, a CEO with a dark past, meets Isabelle, his new employee who’s too tempting to resist. When a threat emerges, Massimo vows to protect her at any cost.

Brutal in Love: Erik, head of security, is on the trail of a spy. His investigation leads him to the irresistible Harper, whose secrets might just capture his heart.

Cruel in Love: Julian Garcia, the playboy boss, fixes his eyes on Connie, the discreet wallflower. Their unlikely connection defies the odds and challenges their beliefs about love.

Savage in Love: King, the lone bachelor and club owner, is captivated by the innocent Kitty. A mistaken identity might just lead to an unexpected romance.

Furious in Love: Dominic, the youngest Knight brother, has sworn off love, but Grace, their top dancer, dances her way into his heart, challenging his resolve.

Wicked in Love: Levi Knight’s life hangs in the balance until Adriana, a woman who avoids danger, saves him. Their growing attraction tests whether love can indeed conquer all.

Merciless in Love: Elias, at the top of his game, crosses paths with Maggie, the one who got away. This time, he’s determined to show her that love can rewrite history.

Corrupt in Love: Owen, secretly dating the enemy, risks it all for Claire. Their forbidden love could ignite a war or bring about peace.

Each short, sweet, and steamy romance story stands alone in this captivating series, yet together they weave a tale of fate, ambition, and the irresistible chase of loving someone who’s got everything to lose. Will they succumb to the dangers that lurk in the shadows, or will they hold on to the women who possess their hearts?

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