Oakwood Boys: The Complete Collection


Four steamy billionaire romance novellas in one box set! Signed by the author! (limited quantities)

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Four steamy billionaire romance novellas in one box set!

Savage Queen: A Billionaire Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
Evangeline grew up watching her mom fight to build a billion-dollar company from the ground up.
Now, she’s set to inherit everything.
She has success, wealth, and all the designer shoes she could ever want.
But what she doesn’t have is the respect of the other business tycoons.
The Oakwood Boys are a group of elite, old-fashioned chauvinists, and Losev Turgenev is the worst of them all.
He’s high-handed, vulgar, infuriating—and the sexiest man she’s ever met.
Is she ready to break all the rules, even if it means dancing with the devil?

Brutal King: A Billionaire Bully Romance
Valya has always believed that hate is a cowardly feeling.
It’s so much harder to love.
And there’s nothing harder than loving Andrej Novak, the brutal king of Oakwood City.
They grew up in the same household—him with a silver spoon, Valya with a dust rag.
He’s always been brilliant, beautiful, and tortured, and he hates that she sees the good in him when he can’t see it for himself.
Maybe that’s why he’s always pushed her away.
When they come back into each other’s lives after years apart, though, it’s finally time for her to push back.

Bitter Prince: A Billionaire Forbidden Romance
Growing up at a boarding school, Daphne never truly understood the hostility between her family and the Latsis family.
But when she comes back to Oakwood City, she finally gets a first-hand taste of the long-standing feud.
When a handsome man comes to her rescue at a masquerade ball, the attraction between them is instant.
She’s dismayed when to find out that he’s the Latsis family’s bitter prince, Theo Latsis.
He’s charming, sexy, and confident, and he’s supposed to be her mortal enemy.
Not her star-crossed lover.
Could the unexpected love between them be strong enough to overcome their parents’ strife?

Petulant Princess: A Billionaire Bodyguard Romance
Valentina spent her childhood in and out of hospitals, but she’s not a delicate flower.
Now that she’s in remission, she’s determined to make up for lost time.
But her sister has other ideas, and she and her nosy husband hire a bodyguard—or babysitter—to watch out for her.
Jaxon is strong, silent, and sexier than any of these rich guys barking up her tree.
If she gives him her heart, can she trust him not to break it?

Ruthless Knight: A Billionaire Friends-to-Lovers Romance
Scarlett has always worked hard to make ends meet.
When she lands a coveted job at the Oakwood Club, she’s thrilled, ready to take on the world.
What she’s not ready for is a blast from the past.
Damien West is every bit as handsome, strong, and chivalrous as the boy she knew.
But he’s not a boy anymore, and he’s gained a reputation as the Oakwood Boys’ ruthless knight.
When he storms her castle walls, will she be able to lower her guard and let him back in?