His Sweet Seduction: Books 1-6


“His Sweet Seduction” is a collection of standalones that celebrates the quirks and quests of finding love. Each story is a fresh foray into the chaos and sweetness of unexpected affection, proving that even the most unyielding hearts can find their match.

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Embark on a flavorful journey through love, laughter, and a dash of spice with the “His Sweet Seduction” series. This tantalizing collection features six stand-alone stories, each following a feisty heroine and a charming hero as they find their perfect blend of romance.

  • Tomboy: Chely’s tomboy ways clash with Noah Bradford’s princely charm in the bustling Tacontento Grill. As their fiery encounters heat up the kitchen, can she let down her guard and become the princess he sees?
  • Blabbermouth: Veda’s lifelong crush on Jack takes a twist when she fake-dates his brother, Nacho, igniting an unexpected spark. Watch as this blabbermouth navigates the silent waters of hidden love.
  • Goody Two-Shoes: Charlotte, the perennial good girl, is tempted by Tank, a man with experience and a captivating gaze. Faced with her parents’ plans and her desires, she must choose the life she truly wants.
  • Old Maid: Mae’s content single life is disrupted by Dr. Graham Cooper, whose presence challenges her solitary ways. Will the ‘old maid’ embrace a chance at love and break the mold?
  • Smarty Pants: Reagan, a dedicated English teacher, pairs with Cash Hawkins, the frustratingly clever co-chaperone, on a writing retreat. Their battle of wits might just pen a love story of their own.
  • Spoiled Brat: Local realtor and sheriff’s daughter Birdie meets her match in Seth, her protective bodyguard. As danger lurks, Birdie discovers that the greatest risk might be falling for the man who’s supposed to guard her heart.

Dive into these six stories of unexpected connections and passionate encounters, where the unlikeliest pairs discover their potential for extraordinary love. Each story in the “His Sweet Seduction” series promises to delight and seduce, ensuring that every reader finds their happily ever after.

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