Heroes & Heartthrobs: The Complete Series


Immerse yourself in the charm of Haven Falls with the “Heroes & Heartthrobs” series, a collection of short and steamy romances where each standalone story captures the essence of love and desire.

From the fiery reconnection in “Bane” to the unforeseen romantic storm in “Gage,” the healing touch in “Lennox,” and the clash of hearts in “Marcelo,” these tales weave through the lives of the town’s most alluring heroes and the women who steal their hearts.

Ready for a whirlwind of short, sweet, & steamy romance? Dive in and let Haven Falls’ finest sweep you off your feet.

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Feel the pulse of Haven Falls in this series of short, sweet, and sizzling romances, where love is the eye of every storm.

BANE: A Second-Chance Blaze
Their past is a tempest of emotions, but can this storm rekindle an old flame?
Desiree’s heart was left smoldering in the ashes of her youth in Haven Falls, with the man named Bane at its core. As a fierce storm ushers her back, can these former lovers reignite the fire, or will they be consumed by the flames of their intense history?

GAGE: A Forecast of Love
When the storm surges, will two old friends find more than shelter?
Predicting weather is Josephine’s forte until a missed forecast and Gage’s surprise return spins her world into a whirlwind of desire. Can their long-standing friendship evolve into a love that not even the most skilled meteorologist could have predicted?

LENNOX: A Touch of Healing
Healing bodies is her expertise, but can he mend her hidden scars?
Charlene dedicates her life to the wounds she can see until Lennox arrives, revealing an attraction that entices her to confront her own concealed pains. Can his tender touch restore her soul as she has healed so many others?

MARCELO: The Thunder of Attraction
Their rules clash like thunder, but can this storm spark a surprising love?
Winnie’s carefree spirit never met a rule it couldn’t dance around, unlike the disciplined tidal wave that is Marcelo. As a hurricane hurtles them together, will they discover a harmonious rhythm in their discord or will their connection be lost in the storm?

Embark on a heart-fluttering journey through Haven Falls, where each story is a standalone whirlwind of romance, yet together, they weave a tapestry of tales as enduring and enchanting as the town itself. Ready to be swept off your feet? Dive into the “Heroes & Heartthrobs” series and let the relentless heartbeats of these Haven Falls heroes captivate you.

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